Things That go Meow in the Night

So, this adorable little cat was hanging around our neighbor's house yesterday and I just assumed it was theirs. That is until it invited itself into our apartment and decided that it would rather just stay. No one knows whose cat it is, nobody even recognizes it. This is seriously the sweetest cat; a tiny black and white, probably female and I really don't want to give it up. We're not supposed to have pets, but our neighbors assure us that the landlady is never around and wouldn't notice.

I'm like legitimately dying it's so cute.

Unfortunate Occurances

So, I just found out today that the father of a girl I go to college with drowned on Sunday.  It was this really strange shock because her father's so young.  We weren't close, but we lived sort of across the hall from each other last year.  I was posting my condolences on her facebook wall (which sounds, wow, really strange actually) and I just had no idea what to say.  I just kind of sat there, typing and deleting.  I mean, what's the proper protocol for that when it's someone you aren't close to but are kind of friends with?

None of my friend's parents have ever passed away before (which is good obviously), and I just don't know what to do.  I feel like saying I'm sorry it happened isn't enough.  I feel like I should bake her a sympathy bundt cake or something and mail it to her.  Which would be weird.

Anyway, sorry for the downer, I just needed to... ruminate/have feelings/whatever about it.

*tweet tweet*

So, I have have a twitter now.  I never thought it would happen, but I finally gave in to the temptation of being able to keep tabs on everybody at once.  Now I feel vaguely creepy.  I also expect that I'm going to tweet stupid shit at 3am with no one to stop me.  This is not a good thing; I'm incoherent on a good day, and entirely incomprehensible when I'm tired.  I'm going to embarrass myself.
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California Judge Vaughn Walker ruled to overturn Prop 8 today and I'm really fucking happy.  I know that there's going to be appeals and it will probably go all the way to the supreme court, but right now I'm just busy being happy.  I don't live in California, I don't live in a state that allows gay marriage, and I'm not gay, but that's not making me any less happy about it.  I just wish I'd been in Cali so I could have celebrated with everybody.  Lady Gaga took to the streets to celebrate this!

I'm in Oregon, and we have kind of a similar situation to California.  Gay marriage was legalized and then quickly taken away again.  It's been years, but we have yet to regain the progress that was made.  Hopefully the victory in California will motivate and encourage people here to keep trying.

On a largely unrelated note, I saw Adam Lambert live last month and it was fucking amazing.  The crowd was full of horrible bitches (much more than I expected), but the show was great.  Allison was really good live too, way better than I expected actually.  That girl should have more fans jfc.  She's got a fucking sexy voice.

*squee* *flail* *keysmash* hdsjfoihnjwef weofh

Adam Fucking Lambert!

So, I know I said I couldn't go see Adam's concert, but GUESS THE FUCK WHAT?! 


I don't know why I didn't post this ages ago when it happened though...

sorry about the caps, but...

Well, I'mma stop swearing now and contemplate the merits of ruffled booty shorts with combat boots.


Well, I was going to go see Adam Lambert on his tour, but the only two dates anywhere near me sold out.  The venue in the city I live in sold out in less than 12 hours and I'm kind of fucking pissed.  I'd been looking forward to this for a long ass time and it was going to be a last bit of awesome before going off to college in the fall.  I may have also cried a bit because yes, I am that pathetic. *sigh*  I'm really tempted to buy the $70 scalped tickets off of craigslist, but my parents won't let me because it will "only encourage them".  Which is true, but I still really fucking want to go and I'm getting a little stupidly upset about this. FML.

So if anyone in Portland has an extra ticket they could sell me for less than $70 I could be interested.

A Decision is Made

Well, I have officially decided where I'm attending college in the fall.  I sent in my admission acceptance right before the May 1st deadline.  So it is now official that I will be heading north to Western Washington University.  I'm kind of excited – and a little terrified – because I'll be living six hours away from home and all of my friends.  Gah.

Maybe one of these days I'll post something of greater substance.

Decision Time

I'm currently having Big Scary Decision Time about what college to attend.  I've got it down to two main contenders which happen to completely different from each other.  One is a very small liberal arts college really close to where I live.  It has a great reputation, I like the program, and everyone I've asked thinks I should go there.  It also costs freaking assloads of money.  The other choice is a big state school which I would have to pay out-of-state tuition for, but it would still cost half as much as door number one.  I got a pretty good scholarship, they have an interdisciplinary sub-school I like and a huge art department.  No one I have asked thinks I should go there.

Argh, this is my life.  I don't like it right now.  Another problem is coming up with a final decision by May 1st.  Yes, I'm totally screwed.
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